I am at Arrowhead Lake in Johnston City, Illinois.  Here there is a 2-mile trail around the lake.  A beautiful scenery with these workout stations.

First exercise is a pull-up, this is the full pull-up.  Full bodyweight, arms all the way extended at the bottom, chin over the bar at the top.

Assisted pull-up, pushing up off the ground to help get my chin over the bar but I’m going down all the way full extension, you could do this on the ground or if you can’t reach you can use a box.

Triceps dip, legs all the way out, full body weight, full extension at the top, forearms are vertical. Assisted using my legs or assistance, all the way down, full body weight on dips, you can see my forearms are vertical, body leaning forward.

These are assisted, if you can’t do your full body weight, this is the way to work up to your body weight.  Also, same form, forearms vertical, using my legs just to get me up and holding it, going down as far as I can.  These are push-ups as you can see, also my arms are vertical, my chest is touching the bar right at or a little bit below my chest in this case, full extension all the way up. Don’t do the half push-ups, you won’t get the benefits. And last is box step-ups, alternate legs.  

These 5 body weight exercises give you a full body workout.

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