The quality of life we live today no longer affords us to get fit the natural way. We used to be physically active by walking to get to places, or by taking stairs to come up and down from our offices. The pace of our daily routine and the stress that we get ourselves into turned our everyday physical activities into luxury. For working professionals, time became more important than time itself. 

The demands of today’s corporate environment lead us to do what we can do, with so little time. This vicious cycle prevails until you burn yourself or eventually get ill. To most individuals, fitness has become a luxury, thinking that devoting time for their fitness takes them away from activities where they earn to live happy and comfortable lives. It can be true, to some extent. But what they tend to overlook is that, without a healthy body, they wouldn’t have the strength and the sharp mind to achieve what they aim for. 

Get Fit with Martin is a website where you can be inspired to get back into functional fitness. By understanding what to do and being aware of your trade-offs, I will encourage you to make fitness a necessity, instead of being a luxury. You are busy and you are working, but how long can you keep up? Whatever you do in life, your health will be your best tool for facing the challenges in achieving your goals. Fitness is not just about physical appearance and muscular strength, it is also about having a sharp mind. The more demanding your role is, the more that you need to be fit! Follow my blog as I share to you my expertise in fitness training, sports coaching, outdoor activities, and conditioning. Health is the greatest gift you could give yourself. You deserve to be fit!

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